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Cait Marie Calligraphy works closely with its customers to provide lettering services and day of details for any event.  This  includes envelope addressing, escort cards, place cards, table numbers, welcome and on-site signage for special occasions. Incorporating custom lettering and calligraphy in your event is the perfect way to impress your guests from the invitations through reception details.

P  R  I  C  I  N  G

Outer Envelope Front: $3.00

Outer Envelope Return Address Back Flap: $2.00

Additional Lines (over 3): +$0.50 each (not including zip)

RSVP Address: $2.00

Inner Envelope: $2.00

Place Cards (name only): $2.00

Escort Cards (with table number): $2.50

Table numbers: $5.00-$10.00

Custom Ink: +$30.00

S  I  G  N  A  G  E

Welcome Signage (Chalk & Wood): $65.00+

Welcome Signage (Mirror): $75.00+

Wedding Ceremony/Reception/Event Signage: $35.00+

Large Seat Assignment Signage: $200.00+

O  N  S  I  T  E

Calligraphy services can be provided on site for personal and commercial purposes.

Please contact us for additional information and pricing.

Pricing is subject to change due to complexity and/or additional detail.  All pricing only includes calligraphy services not paper stock or other surfaces.  If needed, material recommendations can be provided.