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Hi I'm Caitlyn!

Thanks for visiting my site and getting to know me and my small business. I am a newlywed and married my college sweetheart (Go Blue Hens!). He is the most supportive, passionate, and handsome person I know. I love dogs and my husband finally caved and agreed to get a puppy who I am obsessed with, and I now fully understand those "crazy dog mom" posts and memes.


I love crafts, DIY, coffee, and pretty things. I've been into lettering for a few years now, but immersed myself into calligraphy once I got engaged and became infatuated with the wedding planning process. My favorite part of the whole process was, you guessed it, my invites and calligraphy. I instantly fell in love with the craft and wanted to share its beauty. Handwriting is a lost art that has been taken over by technology, but there is so much beauty behind lettering that is done by hand.  I want to help other brides' dream weddings become a reality and provide details that are often overlooked. Guests notice the smallest details, and those details make your event stand out. I am a firm believer that there is no better feeling than opening a beautifully addressed invitation, and that right there is the first impression of your wedding. Work with me, and I will make sure your vision is heard and created. 

Talk to you soon, 

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